Pennsylvania is the third-highest emitting state in America. With a federal government refusing to address climate change, we need state lawmakers to take bold, rapid action and make the leap to clean energy.


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Clean energy job growth continues to outpace fossil fuel jobs in Pennsylvania and represents one of the fastest-growing sectors in our state. Up to 60% of our energy could come from solar, wind and hydropower today, and PPL recently announced ambitious goals to transition to 70% clean energy by 2050. But Pennsylvanians only receive 0.5% of our energy from solar and just 4% total from renewables in general, thanks to uncompetitive state energy goals and an abundance of cheap natural gas in the Marcellus Shale.

But it's also because of the geography of the Marcellus Shale that our district is now home to one of the top 10 counties (Lehigh) and top 3 metro areas in the state for clean energy jobs. The Lehigh Valley has no shale to frack, giving our community a strategic advantage to launch a true statewide movement to 100% clean energy—and win.

Yet, rather than champion fiscally-responsible clean energy efforts and bring more clean jobs to our area, Pat Browne has doubled down on fracking over the years, and even voted to deny local governments the right to control drilling in their own backyards.

If that’s not bad enough, the proposed PennEast Pipeline is now planned to cut through the heart of our district, bringing fracked gas to New Jersey while putting thousands more families at risk.

 Shale, oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania. Lehigh County doesn't frack but is expected to host the PennEast pipeline. /  Image:  FracTracker

Shale, oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania. Lehigh County doesn't frack but is expected to host the PennEast pipeline. / Image: FracTracker


We need a rapid leap to 100% clean energy and a WW2-style response from lawmakers and local communities if we’re going to avoid the worst effects of climate change. And, we can do this in a way that lifts up low income communities and includes fossil fuel workers as part of that transition. By making sure low income communities are the first to benefit from the opportunities generated by the clean energy transition, and by providing training and job placement for fossil fuel workers, we can simultaneously reverse decades of economic inequality while responding to the climate crisis.

  • No eminent domain for corporate gain. Put a moratorium on fracking and stop the PennEast pipeline.
  • Update our state clean energy goals to be competitive with neighboring states. Our current goal of 18% by 2021 is the lowest in the region, costing us billions in lost economic development opportunities.
  • Invest in clean jobs and STEM training for workers currently working in the fossil fuel industry so they can be part of the transition.
  • End fossil fuel subsidies. Taxpayers pay $3 billion a year to the fossil fuel industry only to have their property claimed by eminent domain for pipeline projects. That money would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Ensure low-income communities are the first to receive support for clean energy projects, like community solar and retrofitting green buildings.
  • Create more green jobs by updating building codes to make homes and businesses more energy efficient.

Pennsylvania is the second-largest fracking state in the country. The fossil fuel lobby is going to fight back hard to stop us. That's why I'm not counting on their money to win this campaign. Sign your name to help kickstart our movement.