Making our government more transparent



I am a Pennsylvania-born and raised small-business owner and Veteran.

I have been living with my family in Lehigh County for over 13 years.

For the last eight years, I’ve been running my own small business. Prior to that, I was a global product manager of a $14 billion company. There I was charged with developing new products, and making sure all of our money was spent wisely and effectively.


I earned a B.S.B.A in Finance from Northeastern University. I joined the Army Reserves where for the next six years I served my country. I then went on to earn my MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Throughout these experiences, I have been in charge of large budgets and people in a variety of settings, and I learned how to manage people and how to look at numbers. These are exactly the starting points for a good County Controller.


I am married with two kids and a dog.

My daughter goes to Parkland High School and focuses on the arts. My son is in Orefield Middle School and is interested in astronomy, but overall he is a STEM kid. He loves math.

One of the big challenges for me, as a parent, is making sure that I connect with my kids. Today everyone is busy. I’m busy. They’re busy. And when you think you have made time for each other, everyone somehow seems to find their phone. They are with you, but connected to someone else.


Not too long ago my daughter turned 16. We are in that phase of life where we are teaching her to drive. It’s an exciting time of life, but I also recognize that it’s bittersweet, and I’ll miss her more once she has her license. For many years, I have picked her up and dropped her off at countless different dance classes, play rehearsals and voice lessons. This can be time consuming, but it also rewarding: Those moments give me time to actually talk with my daughter. When she is stuck in the car with me, she shares pieces of her life.

Now that she is the one that has the steering wheel, she shares even more information. When she is driving, she has no access to her phone. She just naturally starts talking and telling me about her life.

I am excited for her to have additional independence that a driver’s license provides, but I also fear the loss of some of our time together. I enjoy these small moments with her.

My son spends time with me knocking on doors as I introduce myself to voters. He tells me what he thinks of my interactions with the people that we meet. He takes an interest in what they have to say and we have real discussions as we walk from door to door. While campaigning isn’t easy, it has also given me an opportunity to interact with my son in a way that I might not have. It is great to get to know my kids in this way.

So if you see us walking around, or if you see me and my daughter, feel free to come up and say hello.

You can know that my fight for my own kids and their future is the same as your fight for you and your families, as we are all Lehigh County.

My success is your success. Your success is my success.
We are all in this together.