When I'm out knocking doors, people want to talk about issues that can't be fully addressed at the township level, like healthcare, addiction and education. That's why I'm running for State Senate.


Change is possible in Pennsylvania. We need tens of thousands of people to join this fight.

Attend an upcoming event and become part of a growing community of DIY activists working to build a better future in the Keystone State:




Many of the changes we need are not the changes big corporations want to see passed. That's why I'm not counting on money from corporate PACs. Small donations can kickstart our campaign and send a big message.

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Pennsylvania born and raised, I'm the product of PA's public school system. I graduated with a BS/BA in Finance from Northeastern University, and worked my way through college by covering the graveyard shift at a local hotel. In the midst of this rigorous schedule, I joined the Army Reserves where for the next 6 years I served my country. I then went on to earn my MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

As a small business owner, the issue of rising healthcare costs has always hit especially close to home. After the 2016 election, I realized it was time to become part of the solution. In 2017, I ran for and became the first Democrat in 25 years to be elected as South Whitehall Township Commissioner. It was through knocking on doors and talking to the community that I realized many of the issues Pennsylvanians want to see solved can't be fully addressed at the local level. Today, I'm building a coalition to take our fight for economic justice to the state level in 2018 by running for State Senate to represent Lehigh County.