Corruption is legal in America.


After looking at 20 years of congressional data—comparing what the public wants versus what policies actually get voted on and passed—researchers from Princeton and Northwestern University recently found that the bottom 90% of Americans have a near-zero effect on public policy in the US. From economic inequality, to climate change or healthcare, our biggest challenges are not being addressed by politicians in either party because they're beholden to money bigger than ours.

The good news? We can change this in Pennsylvania.

All we need to do is pass a law that addresses all three main drivers of corruption: fixing our broken elections, stopping political bribery and ending secret money. Even better news? That law already exists. It's called the American Anti-Corruption Act, and it's been passed by popular vote 5 times in Pennsylvania since 2016 using local citizen ballot initiatives. It's time to push this legislation through State Senate.

Likelihood of Policy Passing (%) vs. Elite/Public Support

The bottom 90% of Americans have virtually no effect on policy in the United States. What does have an effect? Money.


  • Introduce a statewide version of the American Anti-Corruption Act to clean up campaign finance.
  • Empower independent voters and candidates by enacting ranked choice voting. For too long people have been forced to vote against problematic politicians rather than for leaders they believe in.
  • Support same-day and automatic voter registration, and "no excuse" absentee ballots.
  • Eliminate politics from the redistricting process by establishing an independent, bi-partisan commission to create future electoral maps—i.e. SB 22 (Boscola) and HB 722 (Samuelson).

Passing reforms like these won't be popular among corporate lobbyists. That's why I'm not counting on money from big corporate PACs to win this race — I'm counting on you. Sign your name to let me know you're in.