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Our Revolution

Mark is the first State Senate candidate in Pennsylvania to earn the Our Revolution endorsement in 2018

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Mark is one of 100 candidates being supported by Flippable nationwide.  Flippable chose candidates who will fight for clean energy, healthcare, gun control & a fair democracy. 


PCCC Progressive Change Committee

Mark is campaign depends on grassroots, not corporate interests.  PCCC supports Mark's mission of taking power back for our community and turning big ideas into action.


Healthcare 4all PA

HealthCare4All PA is a state-wide, non-partisan organization, founded in 2006 to secure a comprehensive single payer health care system for every citizen of Pennsylvania.


SEIU Pennsylvania State council

The 2.1 million-member Service Employees International Union is the fastest- growing union in North America, and its membership is among the most diverse in the labor movement. Focused on uniting workers in three sectors, SEIU is the largest health care union, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home care; the largest property services union, including building cleaning and security; and the second largest public employee union.

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Phillips Armstrong, Lehigh County Executive

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Tom Muller, Former Lehigh County Executive

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Keystone Progress


Lehigh Valley 4 All

“Lehigh Valley For All is a progressive , community-minded organization whose goals are to provide a platform for voters to gain knowledge of the political system and to effectuate progressive policies within their communities through issue campaigns and encouraging our membership to seek office.” – Lehigh Valley For All mission statement.

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IBEW 126

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IBEW 375

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Equality PA

Equality PA is the commonwealth’s leading organization advancing fairness, equality, equity, and fairness for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and families.

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Invisible Berks

Mark is one of the board members of Indivisible Berks and was the captain for the PA 15th Congressional district before the courts redrew Pennsylvania districts to reverse the gerrymandering that was in place.