No one should be one accident or bad health event away from bankruptcy.


Rising costs of care are cutting into our paychecks and our budgets, putting a chokehold on Pennsylvania's entire economy. Most major healthcare reform to date has only slowed the rise in costs, when in reality we need to reverse it. To do that, we need to address all three factors driving up costs:

  1. Inflated Pricing: Medical providers don't even know how much their services cost. The prices they charge are incredibly arbitrary and inflated, which means politicians have been trying to regulate costs that don't even exist. As providers consolidate, they gain even more power to demand higher prices from insurers which reflect in our premiums and deductibles.
  2. Administrative Costs: Because each hospital and insurance company has complex and widely varying pricing schemes for the same services, administrative costs for providers and insurers have become increasingly bloated and inefficient. This, too, reflects in our premiums and deductibles.
  3. Over-Utilization: Unchecked epidemics, including the opioid crisis and diabetes, have led to more people needing care. Rather than expand healthcare, Browne voted to deny the state the funds needed to combat opioid addiction early on. Patients also have to come into the ER or doctor's office for services that could easily be provided on their mobile device for free, and get readmitted too often.

A single-payer system puts power back in the hands of the people to rein in the cost of healthcare. By streamlining the payment system by using a low centralized rate for everyone, we'll reduce billions in inflated administrative costs. We'll make better use of data from hospitals to identify real costs for services and compare care outcomes, which creates more predictable pricing and more efficient care. And, we'll free up our economy to address major epidemics and invest back into our communities.

The healthcare industry spends more money on lobbying than the oil and defense industries combined. They'll do everything in their power to resist this kind of change. 

That's why we started this campaign. Sign your name to let me know you support this movement.