Meet Mark

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Mark Pinsley is Pennsylvania born and raised and is a product of Pennsylvania’s public-school system. He graduated with a BS/BA in Finance from Northeastern University. He worked his way through college, attending classes during the day and working the graveyard shift at a local hotel.  In the midst of this exhausting schedule, he also joined the Army Reserves where for the next 6 years he served his country. He then went on to earn his MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Mark is now a successful entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 22.  He now owns DermaMed Solutions, a skincare and dermabrasion manufacturer based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 

Mark has demonstrated his fighting spirit and passion to serve.  Mark was the first Democrat elected to the board of commissioners in South Whitehall Township in over 25 years. He lives in South Whitehall Township with his wife Nina and their two children.  Mark is also an active member of the Congregation of Keneseth Israel and serves on the board of Jewish Family Services of the Lehigh Valley.

Mark supports a bold, progressive platform that will fight for: Medicare for All, Property Tax Reform, Affordable Higher Education, Universal Pre-K, $15 Minimum Wage and Campaign Finance Reform

Mark’s fight for free healthcare for all Pennsylvanians began as he watched his father succumb to cancer.  His father was lucky enough to have excellent healthcare coverage through his wife.  His father had access to the life extending treatments he needed without going bankrupt, but no family should have to rely on luck alone to avoid bankruptcy.

As a small business owner, Mark pays for 100% of his employees’ premiums, but every year healthcare continues to be the largest and most unpredictable business expense for his and thousands of other Pennsylvania small businesses.  The current system that places the burden on small business owners and individuals is an unsustainable way of providing healthcare.  Mark strongly believes that healthcare is a right enjoyed by every other 1st world country, and if Washington D.C. refuses to act, Harrisburg must to ensure all Pennsylvanians have access to the healthcare services they need.