Pinsley to Run for Senate

SOUTH WHITEHALL TOWNSHIP, PA — Mark Pinsley, the founder of Unite for America PA—part of a nationwide movement to block the inauguration of Donald Trump—has thrown his hat in the ring for Pennsylvania state senate’s 16th district seat currently held by PA Senate Appropriations Chairman Pat Browne (R). Pinsley’s announcement comes weeks after his successful run to become the first Democrat elected in decades to the board of commissioners in South Whitehall Township, PA. The PA senate’s 16th district contains the city of Allentown and is one of two seats in the rapidly growing Lehigh Valley.

Pinsley decided to run for state senate after having conversations with members of the community over the course of the last year and with leaders of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. He is not giving up his newly won commissioner’s seat during his campaign or if he wins saying, “When I was out knocking doors, people wanted to talk about issues that can't be fully addressed at the township level — healthcare, addiction and education just to name a few. People are hurting and confused. They need someone to fight for them in Harrisburg.”

Pinsley is co-owner of DermaMed Solutions, a skincare and microdermabrasion manufacturer, based in Delaware County. “Small businesses are the real job creators. The rules that Harrisburg creates should be focused on helping small businesses form and grow,” Pinsley said. “Large corporate interests are well represented in Harrisburg, but I understand the difficult challenges small business owners face from healthcare costs to taxes. Our leaders in Harrisburg have not addressed the barriers that small businesses have to overcome in Pennsylvania.”

“One of my key issues is free healthcare for all Pennsylvanians. As a small business owner, I know one of the main barriers new entrepreneurs’ face is the ever-increasing costs of health insurance. Our current bloated and corrupt system encourages profiteering from illness and tragedy. Recently, the politicians in Washington have just stopped funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program leaving our most vulnerable sick children uninsured. If Washington refuses to act, Pennsylvania must. I know the impact healthcare costs have on my business and the outsized impact these costs have on every facet of our economy. That is why I am a proponent of free healthcare at the point of service. With a healthcare system driven by care, not profits, we can reduce the overall costs, create new jobs and give citizens the freedom and flexibility to choose their health care providers."

Pinsley says that his biggest priority is to make Harrisburg work for the people instead of the powerful. Pinsley, a strong advocate of campaign finance reform, said “Pennsylvania has no limits on campaign spending and it has had a corrupting influence on public policy. All you have to do is look at what is happening in Allentown, between the pay-to-play scandal in city hall and the continuing poverty and lack of help for many Allentown neighborhoods. Politicians listen to their donors instead of their constituents and it hurts us all.”

A successful entrepreneur, Pinsley started his first business at age 22. He also served in the Army Reserves for 6 years where he worked on helicopters as an aircraft structural repairer. He is a graduate of Northeastern University and an MBA graduate of the Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana. He lives in South Whitehall Township with his wife Nina and their two children.

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