Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong Endorses Mark Pinsley for State Senate PA 16th District

ALLENTOWN, PA — Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong gave his support to Democrat Mark Pinsley for his race for Pennsylvania State Senate District 16 seat against Pat Browne:

“As someone who worked a career before becoming a public servant, I understand the benefit of bringing an outsiders perspective to government. Mark will do the same.

I got to know Mark last year on the campaign trail, and I learned where his passion comes from when he speaks about fixing our broken healthcare system for Pennsylvanians. Mark came from an average working-class family, and through his hard work and determination he was able to build a successful business. Mark’s business still covers 100% of the healthcare policy costs for his employees, but the costs to cover his employees have been going up by 10-20% every year. He makes a very solid business case for fixing a broken system that is hurting our families and businesses.

Mark is someone who sees a problem and gets to work to fix it. He is running for the right reason— to better the lives of the people he will serve. That is why he has earned my endorsement to become our next State Senator from Lehigh County.”

A successful local entrepreneur, Mark started his first business at age 22. He also served in the Army Reserves for 6 years where he worked on helicopters as an aircraft structural repairer. He is a graduate of Northeastern University and an MBA graduate of the Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana. Mark lives in South Whitehall Township with his wife Nina and their two children. He is the first Democrat elected to the South Whitehall Board of Commissioners in over 25 years. Learn more about Mark at www.votemarkpinsley.com.