Our district has a unique opportunity to become the leading example of a sustainably growing metro area that strengthens local workers and lifts up our most vulnerable communities.



Growth in our region shouldn't be limited to only white collar and service industries. I support raising the minimum wage to $15, encouraging blue collar and "green collar" growth in the area, improving our public transportation and infrastructure for working families, and investing in more training/education to help workers succeed in the automated economy.


UNIVErSAL healthcare

Pennsylvanians need better access to healthcare now more than ever. More states are beginning to move towards all-payer, which works just like single-payer but without the need to raise taxes. PA recently started its own pilot program to experiment with the model in our rural hospitals. Let's build on this progress to achieve healthcare for all.


100% clean energy

The Lehigh Valley is one of the top 3 metro areas in PA for clean energy jobs, but our outdated energy goals are holding us back. We can end fracking, stop the PennEast pipeline from tearing through our community and lead a rapid transition to 100% clean energy, while training fossil fuel workers and low-income communities to be part of the process.



We must restore full state funding to our public schools after years of budget cuts, and pilot new applied learning and STEM programs to better prepare students in need. And, we must stop the exodus of our educated Millennial workforce by expanding student debt forgiveness for new grads who decide to stay and work in PA after college.



I will introduce and fight for the passage of the Anti-Corruption Act, a comprehensive new law being passed by citizens all over the country to get big money out of politics once and for all. I also support ranked choice voting to empower independent voters to vote for leaders they believe in, rather than against problematic politicians.


women's rights

Women are the primary or co-breadwinners for over 2 out of 3 families in Pennsylvania, yet they still make only 76¢ for every dollar a man makes for the same job. We must update Pennsylvania's equal pay laws — and leave women's reproductive decisions between her and her doctor while we're at it.


dreamers & refugees

Many who call the Lehigh Valley home today are migrating families displaced by climate change and US-led military conflicts. I support Dreamers and refugees and believe it is our moral obligation to provide a fair pathway to citizenship for all, regardless of race or religion.


criminal justice

Pennsylvania has made important strides in improving prison conditions, from reducing inmate populations to combatting recidivism. Let's continue to lead in criminal justice reform, with more STEM and green job training for incarcerated people and ending mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug-related crimes.


LGBT equality

Our state still does not have laws in place to protect Pennsylvanians from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. I support anti-discrimination laws, like the Pennsylvania Fairness Act. I also firmly believe trans youth should not be banned from access to life-saving health services.

END gun violence

I support strong gun safety legislation, including banning assault rifles, expanding background checks, closing gun sale loopholes, updating surrender laws for domestic abusers, and improving reporting between mental health and law enforcement agencies.

We can create a Pennsylvania that works for everyone this November. Join our new campaign and help take the fight for economic justice to Harrisburg.