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Small-business owner and Veteran.

I’m Pennsylvania-born and raised. My family and I have made Lehigh County our home for more than 13 years. I’m running to be your Lehigh County Controller.


When you vote for your local offices, you usually know what you’re getting into.  Most people know that a sheriff helps run law enforcement, that a school board member helps run the schools, that a coroner help deal with the dead.  But if you ask most people what the controller does, chances are they won’t be able to answer.

The Controller serves as a watchdog for Lehigh County tax payers.. The office investigates the effectiveness of taxpayer-funded programs by ensuring that money is being spent properly and that the programs are producing results. You can think of the Controller like a manager from the IRS but instead of auditing you, the Controller makes sure the government is audited. The Controller works as your public ally to guarantee that your tax money is being used properly and effectively by government officials.

The county controller position is considered part of a “row office”. These offices are often overlooked, as their elections sometimes happen in off years when national elections are not held and media attention is scant. Row offices are headed by independently elected officials and include the District Attorney, the Sheriff, the Coroner, and others.


As your Lehigh County Controller, I would take a more citizen-centric approach to the office.

I will take very seriously the role of auditing the spending and the disbursement of funds, as well as evaluating contracts. I am an advocate for good government measures, for example, I support the pay-to-play legislation as a way to prevent corruption and conflicts of interest, keeping big business out of government.

Many people see this position as just tracking money-in and money-out. I see the position a little differently. Tracking the money is just the starting point. The Controller needs to do the traditional functions of the position but shouldn’t limit audits to just traditional topics. I will go much farther than my predecessors, by providing special reports that detail gaps in services and the potential for improvement across the board.  I will make sure to present this information in detailed reports to the County Executive and Board as well as the to the public.

We can all work together to make sure that the information and the lessons coming from these reports can be applied, not only towards cutting services but in expanding them where more needs to be done.  The office can also mobilize both the public and the media on many issues, and my plan, with your help, is to see this office reach its potential.


Together, we can take a proactive approach to using the office of the Controller to fight on the issues that affect everyday working Americans and protect their rights.

  • I can use the office to show the impact of the opioid crisis and potential measures to address it.

  • I can assess the impact that increased truck usage (due to so many warehouses) has on our streets and bridges.

  • I can investigate the impact of deteriorating neighborhoods and see if Lehigh County programs are having impact in reducing the consequences of decay.

  • We can make certain that our investments in farm land is having the intended impact and keeping our community green and clean.

And as businessman I can identify room for improvement in the costs and delivery of services.

As the citizens of Lehigh County, you can help guide me in implementing an agenda that brings progress to our county, one that puts the people first.

I am running to serve the people not the powerful.
I am running because I believe that we need new voices in our government.