For three decades after World War II, wages of the American worker rose along with productivity. Factory workers, retail workers and small business owners found they could afford the American Dream – a house, one or two cars, an annual vacation and money for a college fund.

That dynamic continued into the early 80s until the economy shifted. Productivity continued to grow but wages didn’t. And gradually most of us could no longer afford to live the way we had before. We were becoming poorer. At the same time, the wealthy were steadily getting wealthier.


How did this happen? To put it simply, some of the wealthiest figured out how to change the rules that govern our economy.  And they set about to quietly change those rules to benefit themselves.

They couldn’t do this without help, of course. They needed pliable politicians to do their bidding so they bought them by the dozen. They didn’t do it with sacks of money left on desks – their methods were subtler.  They bought all the politicians they needed with massive campaign contributions, perks that government service could never provide, lavish dinners and fabulous vacations and high-paying jobs once the pols left office. And they hired legions of lobbyists to make sure their paid-for-politicians knew which way to vote.

This unelected few now control our government, our economy and, increasingly, our lives. They became the Ruling Class without us even noticing it.

Fighting against this ruling class is at the core of our campaign. We need to unify in fighting back against the power brokers running our country. Help us take our country back, starting with the Pennsylvania Senate.